Feel It

“Go on. Feel it,” Eli demanded. He flexed his powerful arm showing it off to his friend. “It’s gotten so big. And strong.”

“Eli…” Brad groaned as he looked at the other guy showing off. “I don’t want to feel your muscles…”

“Quit being a fuckin homophobe. I ain’t sayin I’m wanna fuck ya,” Eli grinned. He made his bicep bounce. “Yet…”

Brad’s face flattened at the ‘joke.’ He’d been working out with Eli for a while now and only recently did he start to be so commanding. It was starting to get a bit frustrating as Eli started showing off more and more. Of course he did have a lot to show off, but Brad wasn’t one who really cared too much about doing that. He was just as big and strong, but that didn’t mean he felt like he needed to show it off all the time. He was satisfied with his size and didn’t feel like it was the only part that made him, him.

“Dude… I don’t want to feel your body…”

Eli ignored it. He just kept making the thick bicep bounce. “C’mon man. Look at that peak. I’ve got such a fuckin pump goin on right now. Just feel it.”

“Fine!” Brad finally gave in. He tossed his hands up and then grabbed the bicep. It was firm under his grasp but that’s when he saw the devious grin on Eli’s face. “Dude… What’s up?” he asked but couldn’t tell why his friend was looking at him so weirdly. That’s when he noticed his hand. There was something wrong with it. It didn’t look as big. Or strong. It gripped Eli’s 18 inch bicep but didn’t cover it up as much as it had just seconds before. The thick fingers were smaller. “What?!” he tried to pull away but his hand was stuck.

“Just go with it man. You said you wanted to help me get bigger right?” Eli mocked. His bicep was slowly starting to swell a bit more. It was quickly encroaching on 19 inches. But it was the same with his forearm and shoulder as well. They looked bigger. The already large defined muscle only seemed to be getting bigger.

All the while Brad’s were getting smaller. He could see his thick arm starting to dwindle away. The firm muscles in his body turning soft and shrinking in on themselves. He tried to use his other hand to pull himself away, but it didn’t work. He just kept losing more and more weight. He looked up at Eli. “What’s going on?!” he begged. Fear filled his face as he felt his strength disappearing. The thick bicep in his right arm was almost completely gone and he could see his right pec starting to go too. 

“C’mon buddy. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice the way I look at cha. But I have ta say yer a bit too big for my liking. But that won’t be a problem in too long,” Eli laughed. “Cause yer gonna help me git bigger. Man. Just look at that arm. So much bigger already!” He gave the firm muscle a slap. The sound reverberated off the empty gym’s mirrors. 

Brad tried to use his other hand to push off of Eli’s powerful muscle but that one ended up getting stuck as well. “That’s… Not… What… I… Meant…” he struggled to pull away but nothing seemed to come loose. His body was stuck onto Eli’s. He could see his hands unable to cover up the bicep any more. Even together, they couldn’t cover nearly anything on the 21 inch arm.

“Don’t matter much now,” Eli laughed. He raised his arm up, standing at his full 6’6” height. It lifted Brad off the ground. The magic released and Brad fell back down. “Damn!” Eli shouted the curse excited at what he was feeling.

The shoes Brad was wearing fell off his feet and he had to hold up his shorts to keep them from falling down. He stared up at Eli’s massive body. “What the hell man!” he shouted in defiance.

“Oh shit bud,” Eli’s attention went back to Brad. He went to a bit of a squatting position to be eye level with the other man. The near foot height difference made him tower over Brad. Eli put his massive mitt of a hand on top of Brad’s head and smiled. “Man… I’m sorry that I had ta do that to ya.”

“No you’re not,” Brad grumbled.

“HAHA!” Eli laughed loudly. “You’re right! But don’t worry buddy. I’ll make sure you enjoy it too. Plus I can help you work out now. I can make you bigger!” He popped his bicep out again, showing it off. “You wanna be like me don’tcha?”

Brad felt his mouth go dry. It hung open slightly as he watched the muscle bounce. The annoyed feeling he’d had was completely changed. Now it was lust. “I know how to work out myself,” he crossed his arms, fighting the urge to touch the massive bicep.

“Oh that’s right buddy. I forgot. Seein ya so small an’ helpless like that just make me think ya needed some help,” he ran his fingers across his face and then must have gotten an idea. “Hey. How bout I make ya a deal. If you can lift them 20 pound weights, I’ll turn ya back. How’s that sound?”

“G-g-good,” Brad stammered out. “That sounds good.”

“Alright! Let’s do it!” Eli cheered. His thick muscular body wrapped around Brad’s. His firm hands ran down Brad’s thin arms and gripped the back of his even smaller hands. “You’re sooo smooth…” he whispered in Brad’s ear. 

Brad felt all kinds of sounds get caught in the back of his throat. He could feel the massive member running up against his back side. All the while he didn’t notice his body was moving towards the weights. It wasn’t until Eli whispered, “Go on…” that Brad noticed his hands were currently wrapped around the twenty pound weights. Feeling the bristles of Eli’s face nuzzle against his bare neck made his body go weak.

“Is sumthin wrong?” Eli kept his voice low, but the lack of volume didn’t get rid of any of the depth or strength behind it. “I promise I won’t hold you down. I just want to make sure you don’t drop the weights. That’s all.”

Brad felt his large calloused hands wrapped around his own. They easily wrapped around his and then the weights. Brad’s eyes raised. He could see the massive bodybuilder enveloping him as he leaned over his small weak body. Everything was telling Brad he had to try, but he felt so weak. Weaker than he should have. It was just all his blood was flowing to the wrong place. Far away from any of his muscles. He felt his dick throb.

“Go on,” Eli encouraged. His lips kissed the side of Brad’s soft cheek. His hips gently grinded against his back. “You can do it. I believe in you…”

Brad’s breathing grew haggard. He couldn’t think about lifting weights. He couldn’t think about anything. Anything other than Eli on top of him. That thick cock drifted up and down his backside. “Oh fuck…” Brad cursed. It was getting even harder to breath. His thoughts were running wild. Eli was so big. He was so small. 

“Oh fuck…” Brad’s couldn’t believe how much he liked feeling Eli’s beard run against his soft face. Or Eli’s firm hands wrap around his. Or those thick sturdy muscles just gently pushing him down. Brad’s hips writhed in the sensation. 

“Oh fuck…” Brad felt his hips buck as he gave in. The sensation was just too much to handle. He had to release. A stain quickly started to form on the front of his shirt as his shorts were about three steps behind him. “Oh fuck!” he squirmed in Eli’s grasp.

The bodybuilder just held him tighter. “Calm down. Calm down,” he gently kissed the side of Brad’s face as the small guy wore himself out. “It’ll be okay. That’s what the guy said was going to happen. It’ll be fine.”

“FINE!?” Brad shouted. “Look at me!”

Eli paused and looked in the mirror. Brad was still wearing his sleeveless shirt but the strap was starting to slide down his thin shoulder. The large wet spot just made a smile come to his face. “I think you look amazing.”

Brad felt all kinds of words caught in his throat as Eli continued to kiss him. He looked over his thinner body and started to feel like maybe he was right. He tried to pout but only a smile kept coming on his face as the dumbass kept playing with his body. “Well… Maybe you can change me back later…”

[New Book] Pete's Dreamland


Synopsis: After going to a bar for Spring Break, he drinks something that he isn’t positive what it is, yet all his fantasies start coming true. Now he’s stuck in his classroom with all the hot jocks he’d been pining after from his previous classes. There’s plenty of muscle growth, transformation and reality change, and sex in this 13,000 word book.

Amazon Link [Link]

I just finished another book if you’re interested in reading more. I going to continue with the Running Interference book next, I just needed to step away from Chronivac stuff for a bit because I was working on a few others series with a similar themes. 

A Troublesome Wish

“Dude, do you even know how to work out?” Henry laughed as he set down his own weights. He walked over to someone who was struggling with them. Even if this guy had an okayish physique, the way he lifted looked like he’d never been in a gym before and Henry wasn’t about to watch some amatuer tear a bicep or something. 

“I know!” Stan defended himself. “I know how to do it!”

Henry backed off. “Okay man,” he held up his hands defensively. “I’m just trying to help.” Stan scowled. A low growl hung in his throat. “Look man,” Henry continued, “really, I know what it was like to be smaller. And hurting yourself isn’t going to make you bigger faster. You need to take your time with it.”

“Yeah right! You’re just saying that. I wish you were smaller than me and I was your size so you really could know what I feel like right now,” Stan shouted. 

A cosmic coincidence seemed to want to grant that wish. Somewhere the magic had escaped and forced its way into the small gym. Lights flashed and wind picked up where there shouldn’t have been any at all. But the wish was granted.=

Stan felt it in his body. Muscles started to build onto his average frame. He could feel the strength adding each second as more and more weight was added to his body. Each second his biceps added another inch, his shoulders pushed further out of his sides, thick quads filled his shorts and even thicker calves turned into a solid diamond shape. He could feel his blood flowing faster, filling his muscles with oxygen.

They flexed almost on reflex. He could see the definition build more. The thick rounded muscles had veins bulging out of his body. He wiggled his toes that had burst out of the front of his shoes. The same looked to be happening to his shirt as it lifted up to show off the bottom two rows of his abs. 

But the exact opposite thing was happening to Henry. With each pound that Stan had gained, Henry had lost it. His large imposing body quickly shrank to almost nothing. His strong arms dwindled and hung almost lifelessly next to his scrawny torso. The sleeveless shirt hung off his small shoulders as one of the bands slipped to the side. Henry had to tilt his head back further and further to get a proper look of Stan.

“Damn…” it almost sounded like it was a moan. “Why are you so hot?”

“What,” Stan made it sound more like a statement than a question. 

“Jesus Christ…” Henry felt his body drifting closer to Stan. The first two steps, he lost both of his shoes. The shorts were next as they couldn’t fit around his thinner hips. His hands reached out for the powerful muscles still barely being held back by the clothes the now bodybuilder was wearing. It was at least two to three sizes too small to fit across his massive torso. “You’re just so fucking hot. I just want to touch you.”

Stan backed up. But there weren’t many places to go in the empty gym. He only said the wish out of anger and frustration, not realizing that most of that was built in from not being seen as anything other than a weakling in the eyes of the stud. He was working out to get stronger, hoping that he might catch the handsome man’s eyes, but was still only seen as pathetic. 

A devious grin filled Henry’s face as Stan pushed his body against the wall. “What’s wrong big guy?” Henry pushed his hand against Stan’s abs and slid it up to his pecs. The tiny hands gave the massive muscle a squeeze. “This is how you felt right? Horny?”

Stan let out an unrecognizable sound as his body seemed to flex at the sensation. His shirt tore even more and toes wiggled around outside of the front of his shoes. “That’s not what I meant…” he groaned, trying to keep his wits, but they were rapidly failing. His body wasn’t reacting the way he thought it should. He was the hot stud, yet he was being led around by someone half his size.

“Isn’t it? I mean you’re so big and sexy now. You’re just so strong,” Henry’s hands roamed around Stan’s torso a bit more and then found their way onto his bicep. He gave it a firm squeeze. Stan seemed to flex almost on reflex, tearing at the shirt even more. Huge holes formed around the seams and the sleeve had ripped up to his shoulder. “And I just want to help make you bigger. And stronger…” 

Henry stood on his tiptoes and just barely made it to Stan’s lips. He let his light weight fall against the muscular man and ran his hands up his sides. His mouth broke past Stan’s defenses and he explored his body even more. A hand dipped into Stan’s shorts and gripped his cock. “Don’t worry big guy,” Henry mocked, “I know my way around the gym. I’ll make sure you learn all the proper form. Making sure you grow nice and strong.”

Another strange syllable was caught in Stan’s throat. He felt his body flex as he lost control of his sexual tension. The mess was quickly dripping into his underwear and then pooling around his feet. He didn’t even notice the remains of his shirt rip apart as his whole body flexed. “Oh my God… This isn’t what I meant. This isn’t what I meant.”

“Too bad,” Henry took off his shirt and threw it at Stan. His skinny naked body stood in the empty gym. Stan felt himself get hard again seeing the confidence in his small body. “This is how it’s going to be. And if you think for one second I’m going to let you ruin that body, you’re dead wrong.” Henry started going through Stan’s bag to find his old clothes and then slipped them on. They were a little big, but still at least something he could fit into. “Now we’ve got a workout to finish.”


“No buts!” his finger pointed at Stan’s chest. “If you wanted that body so bad, you’re going to have to work for it.” Henry’s voice calmed down as he realized how nervous Stan still was. “Doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy it together from time to time though.”

“Right…” Stan agreed. He looked up and down his body again wondering if he was really upset by what the wish had given him.

Side Effects Part 02


It probably should have been worrying just how eager Jason was to try the supplement I was making. But with how good it was working on Josh, he wasn’t going to wait to see what the side effects actually might have been. Even when I warned him there might be something he wouldn’t like, he just laughed and said he wanted to be built like Josh.

With him, he already had a pretty clean diet. His growth was almost faster than what Josh had gone through. But that also just meant how much more seriously he took it in the beginning. Each week his average jock body would have gained two to three extra pounds of mass. But it was all muscle.

I was impressed. Or maybe too eager. He stuck to his diet and workouts without much pressure from me. It also meant I was able to have a bit more fun with him. His stoic almost intimidating posture made him rather unapproachable. And as he grew, he only seemed to want to adopt an even more imposing one. Feeling his new size, he knew he was supposed to be on top, but deep down I knew he was desiring to be on bottom. 

With just a light stroll of my finger down his bicep, his whole body would flex at the reaction. ‘Is something wrong?’ I would goad a response. ‘No…’ he’d pout back, often looking the other way. The longer the trials went on, the harder it was for him to look away. His face was having more and more trouble staying straight, as his mind wandered into territory it never thought it’d go through.

It only encouraged me to try harder. I wanted him to tell me how he was feeling. But he was stubborn. No matter how many times I groped him ‘accidentally’ he stayed firm in his answer. “I’m not feeling any different,” he’d say, often holding his hands over his crotch. I could see I was getting to him though. He was slowly starting to break.

One day, I finally told him to take off his shirt. Without thinking, he did. “Flex,” I told him. He did so without another word. There was a proud and confident look as he stared at his impressive body. Thick corded muscles ran through every bit of him. His veins bulged, stimulated only by a flex. I smiled as I ran my hands over his firm defined muscles, purposefully hanging around his more sensitive areas. His nipples may have been small but the second my finger twirled around them, he seemed to have lost all of his strength. He fell forward against the wall, just barely catching himself. “Everything alright?” I asked.

He breathed heavily as he tried to take back control. I could see him struggling with all his might not to not answer honestly. “Yeah man,” Jason coughed out. “I’m fine. Just… Tripped.”

It was an obvious lie. Though, he tried to stick with it. I ‘reached out’ out to help but my hand ‘slipped’, running the tips of my fingers up from his forearm, over his bicep and to his chest. I watched as he ‘tripped’ back into the wall in front of him. He tried to hold back his moan but still the sound came out. I could see his fists clenching as he did everything to distract himself from his throbbing boner. The more he tried to fight it, the more he seemed to enjoy it. 

“Are you sure there aren’t any side effects?” I gave him another chance to answer.

It took him a few seconds, but he finally choked out an answer, “yes.” 

I rolled my eyes, almost upset at how strong his will power seemed to be. He did not want to admit to it. It didn’t seem to matter that I could clearly see his bulge, and the drip of pre running down his pant leg, he was not going to admit it. “Okay,” I shrugged my shoulders. “You’ll just have to wait over there while I inspect Jason.”

“But sir,” he called out. The fact that he’d addressed me that way seemed to confuse him. However, he still followed my order, and sat on a stool in the corner. He spun back and forth on the stool, covering the bulge, but the drip down his leg was only growing longer.

“Jason,” I called to the other room. Jason came in. He’d grown another fifteen pounds since his last observation. His shoulders were starting to have trouble fitting through the doorway. He seemed to have given up on sleeves and only were stretchy workout pants. And luckily it was starting to warm up, so he could wear flip flops around campus without it being too weird. With how quickly he was growing, consistently buying new clothes would have been too annoying to do. 

“Hey bud,” he trotted in happily. “Josh,” he said with the same sing-songy voice. 

“Ready?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” he answered by stripping off his shirt. There was a bit of a struggle as his muscles were getting too large. Even with the added height, they were just gaining too much mass to bend and move as easily as they had. Yet, it only seemed to encourage Josh to grow even more. Feeling them grow only made him happier. And in private, hornier. 

I could already see the massive bulge between his legs. When I touched his body, it bounced with joy. Even though we’d been meeting more often, it always seemed happier to see me. Or at the very least feel my touch. It was no longer the more clinical one I’d been taking as I ran my finger gently over his hard muscles. He flexed his abs to make them more pronounced and tried to hold back the moan as I gripped his massive pec. By now, I was barely even shoulder height to the hulk of a man. 

“Josh!” Jason called out. 

“Shh… You had your chance,” I held my finger up to my lips and Jason went silent. He squirmed on the stool even more as his dick throbbed with envy. Watching me grope and feel each and every one of Josh’s powerful muscles was making him feel something he never thought he’d feel. Jason tried to use his own hands to mimic the sensation, but it wasn’t the same. His rough calloused hands weren’t the same as my softer ones. I didn’t work out like he did. I didn’t play sports like he did. I wasn’t as tough as him. 

It looked like Jason was trying to protest. Tell me that I needed to pay more attention to him, instead of Josh. But he was still following my order. When I ‘shh’ed him, he wouldn’t speak. The more dominant rebellious nature was now purely submissive. It was similar with Josh. He had been so stoic and contained, now he was full of energy and outgoing. Always trying to touch other people, so they were more likely to touch him.

Josh got so much satisfaction out of it. The more of a difference, the more satisfaction. I gently turned him around, letting my fingers trail against his wide lats. All the way down his body reacted to the light tickling sensation. I could feel the pulses as they naturally flexed the muscles. But my hands went to his pants and pulled them down revealing the massive ass. He let out a groan as I pressed my dick against it.

Even though we’d done this so many times since I’d gotten Josh to confess to the new feelings he had, there was still a lot of tension. Somehow his asshole seemed to just mold around my dick as I pushed it in. He let out a heavy moan as his body fell against the table in front of him. I pushed a little more. He let more of his massive weight hang on the table.

I loved that feeling of watching him go limp as I went all the way in. The size difference between us only ever made it more enjoyable for him. His body was already starting to shake as I thrust into him more. Each time was a little bit more, but he wasn’t going to finish. Not until I did. And when I did, I enjoyed every moment of it. The tight feeling around my dick and then the burst into his ass.

Hearing his loud, “oof!” as he followed soon after made it harder to think. I pulled out of his asshole slowly and looked over at Jason. Two fingers were deep into his ass as an even more prominent stain in his pants dripped down his leg.

“I can explain!” he held up one hand, while the other was still pleasuring himself.

“I’m sure…” I gave a fake smile. “But you don’t have to. When you’re in public, you can have whatever personality you want. But in private, you do what your partner wants. Got it?” 

“Yes sir,” Jason answered.

Side Effects

“Dude, just how big is this shit going to make me?” Josh asked as he’d popped a couple more of the pills. It was an experimental drug that even I didn’t know what all was going to happen. So far, it’d been fairly overt on what was happening. Each time he’d take the pills his blood would get supercharged and grow his muscles. 

Just a month ago no one would have looked at him as anything other than just some guy trying to get swole. Yet he obviously didn’t know what he was doing in the gym and his diet was full of fat and sugars. But he wanted a quick fix. I gave it to him. I’d been experimenting for a while and told him about it. He was more than happy to volunteer. He didn’t care about the side effects. Josh just wanted to get big.

So I gave it to him. It seemed to start working instantly. Everyday he seemed to gain another pound of pure muscle. I told him he had to clean up his diet and that’s when he started to gain even more. The lack of flavor in the baked chicken breast seemed didn’t deter him. When he was seeing 2 and sometimes 3 pounds of gains, he’d eat the whole farm if he had to. 

I’d tracked him all the way through. He’d started off average with his 14 inch biceps but those quickly grew. His large shirts grew tight and he had to buy a whole new wardrobe of XL clothing. But even that was starting to get tight on him. His brow started to push out further while his jawline grew thicker. But his favorite thing to do was brag about how much of an alpha he was. 

Even when he was more of an average jock, he loved talking about how big and strong he was. It didn’t matter that he was about 170 pounds, he’d act like he was at least 250. Now that he was, it didn’t have to be an act. People would move out of his way naturally. His wide shoulders and intimidating size would make people question if they even wanted a chance to piss him off. 

“I don’t know,” I answered his question. “It seems to just keep making you bigger each time you take ‘em.”

“I know, right?” Josh threw up his arms into a double bicep pose. I could see the firm peaks bulge as he did so. Around me he seemed to love not having any sleeves on. Not that I was complaining, but it did seem a little bit weird. “Hey. Jason’s been asking me about what I’m taking. Do you think you could give him some too?”

“Well… First we need to know some of the side effects. Has anything changed?” I asked as I measured his biceps again. Nearly 21 inches. I went to his chest. But he paused not answering the question. “Josh?”

“Changed? No… Not really,” he answered. There was a bit of unease in his voice that wasn’t ever there.

“Josh,” I said firmly. His body straightened up. “Is there something that I need to know about?”

His face scrunched up as he tried to hold back his answer. “N-nuh-no…”

“Josh.” I placed my hands on my hips. “Is there something different?”

Under his arms started to sweat. He lifted up his hat and wiped his head. “Listen, I’ve got to go…”

“Josh!” I pushed him against the wall. Despite being so large, he went up against the wall. It was almost a bit awkward. I could feel some kind of tension between us as my hand rested on his chest. He could have snapped me in two for doing this to him, yet he didn’t move. “Josh?” I felt his breathing grow uneven. We’d been the same height when the trials started, now he looked down at me. 

“It’s nothing,” he breathed and lightly pushed past me. 

Josh tried to push the door open, but I pushed it closed. “Wait,” I ran my other hand down his thick bicep. It was just a soft touch, using just my fingertips. He seemed to melt. Every bit of of his 250 pounds muscular frame fell against the door, making it impossible for him to open. “Josh..? Is there something you’re not telling me?” I whispered into his ear. 

He let out a long low moan. “Listen buddy. It’s…”

My finger went and twirled around his hard nipple. The back of my nail just brushed around him ever so softly. “Don’t lie to me,” I kept my voice low, yet seductive. “Tell me what’s going on…”

“It’s just…” he let out another moan. “It’s just that stuff. It’s making me so big. And horny. But like not for the girls at the gym anymore. When I took Brit home last time…” another grunt. “I just couldn’t think about her.”

I didn’t let up. “So who do you think about?” The answer was obvious. I just needed to egg it out of him. His low pants and shallow breathing gave him away, but I wanted him to say it. I kiss the side of his neck while running my hands over the massive muscles. I’d been able to feel their strength so many times, yet right now they molded to my hands. 

Josh let out a few more huffs as he tried to think of something to say. Words wouldn’t come out. Each time it was just another huff. “Who do you think about?” I goaded. My hands drifted over his abs down towards his flexible pants. I gripped the band and pushed them down over his waist. 

“No wait!” he tried to grab the pants but they were against the floor. 

But still I did what he said. Only to see him in his jock with his ass completely exposed. Yet it wasn’t the defined glutes that got my attention but the hole between them. It wasn’t nearly as tight and small as it should have been. I laughed and dropped my own pants. I made sure to give him enough time to push away, yet his body seemed to be stuck to the door. My hard cock rubbed up against it and he let out a moan.

“Oh God…” he cried out. His body tried to hold on to something but couldn’t get anything to grab. I pushed a little more. He squirmed under the sensation. I could feel his hard muscles tighten under the pressure. “More…” he begged. I complied and dug deeper inside of him. It didn’t matter how much of a cock was shoved into his jock, he wanted a cock shoved deep inside. Each thrust seemed to send him over but he was a good boi and knew how to wait. I could hear him doing everything in his power to hold back. But eventually the sensation grew too much for me and I released inside him. Each pump filled him up more.

Josh turned around and slid down to the floor. His jock was dripping cum onto the floor below him. “Oh shit. Oh shit… What are the other guys going to think? Damn it. Why did that feel so good. I just can’t help myself…”

He looked upset as he put his hands against his face. “Don’t worry about it,” I got down to his level and spoke with confidence. “You said Jason wanted to try this stuff too. Right? Well, I think I can make a little bit more…” A smile crept onto his face as he knew what I was implying.

The Juice

Pete and Henry had been smoking some weed over the last few hours. They were going through their stash and enjoying every bit of it. But then they’d gotten to a special one. Or at least that’s what the guy behind the counter said. Since they’d been such ‘loyal customers’ he’d told them and had thrown this one in with it. Then said it was something really special but they needed to wait until they were already high for it to really show off its effects. Otherwise it wouldn’t have worked as well. 

“Ready for the big one?” Hank asked as he pulled the last of their stash out of the bag.

“No way dude… We gotta have more,” Pete dug into the bag looking for something else but there wasn’t anything else in there. “Damn… didn’t think the night would be over already.”

“Maybe it’s real good?” Hank offered. He pulled out his lighter and lit up the end of the blunt. It started smoking at the end and he quickly inhaled on it, holding the smoke inside his lungs. Slowly he breathed back out and passed it over to Pete.

“Feel anything?” Pete asked as he did the same.

“Not yet…” Hank complained. But the buzz slowly started to take him over. He let out a couple of uncontrolled laughs and then tried to calm them down. “Maybe a little something…” he smirked. Saying the little bit of something seemed to have triggered something more as he felt it start to distort his mind. “Woah…” His body waved back and forth. “This shits strong… Just takes a bit to get started.”

“Guess so,” Pete agreed as he felt his mind go too. They looked around the kitchen and quickly got some water out of the fridge. Hank saw a bottle of orange juice and started laughing. “What’s so funny?” Pete asked.

“I don’t know…” Hank continued laughing. “Just that you got some juice in your fridge. You know it’s just how those guys get so big.”

“What are you talking about? You sound so stupid right now,” Pete said.

“No way dude. That’s why it’s called the juice. Cause it’s juice,” Hank kept laughing.

Pete felt himself laughing too at the repeated word. Even if they’d done weed a lot in the past they’d never felt this high it like this. It was like reality was warping around them “So what yer tellin me is if I drink this juice I’ll be like one of those big dumb horny jocks.”

“Yeah man,” Hank agreed.

A smirk crept on Pete’s face. “Alright man,” he pulled the bottle back and started to take a drink from it. It tasted so good all of a sudden. But then it started to happen. His muscles started to grow. His extra weight started to tighten up into thick corded muscle. He tipped the bottle back even further, letting more of the liquid down into his throat.

“Dude…” Hank stared in awe. His mouth hung slightly open as he watched his friend grow. “It was just supposed to be a stupid joke…” But with each swallow, Pete seemed to gain another few pounds of muscle. His XL shirt started to pull tightly against the firming muscles. Thick biceps filled the top of his arms while his forearms grew to match. He could easily hold the bottle in one hand as his fingers lengthened and thickened to fit around it better.

Two huge pecs pushed out in front of him teasing the tension of the shirt even more. Trap appeared on his shoulders, raising the shirt to show off his solid adonis belt and bottom two abs. But he didn’t stop growing. With the widening of his shoulders and the growing size of his arms it was impossible for the fabric to hold together. Small tears started to form. They quickly doubled in size filling the room with a loud continuous ripping sound as more and more of the fabric tore apart. They couldn’t contain the massive amount of man underneath it. 

“Damn,” Pete took a breath after finishing off the bottle of orange juice. His voice was deeper and the caydence gave off a more confident sound. Even if he did speak a bit slower. “Shit, that really hit the spot.”

“Dude! You’re fucking huge!” Hank admired.

“Yeah?” Pete looked down at his shirtless body and ran his large hand over the smooth muscles. “Guess so… And so fucking horny…” He pulled out his dick and started playing with it. The long thick rod had doubled in size and even with the added size to his hand it was hard to use just one. 

“Dude!” Hank turned away.

“What? It turning you on too much?”

“No!” Hank didn’t know why it felt like it was a lie. Then again maybe it’s because his own was starting to get hard. He could feel it in his jeans as it ran down his leg.

“You’re such a little bitch. Just get over here. I know you want it…” Pete turned to the side and slid his hand slowly down the long shaft.

Hank shook his head. He couldn’t get the dick out of his mind. “What’s going on?” he questioned but the thought stayed.

“C’mon you little bitch,” Pete demanded. His tone was more serious. “I know you love the feeling of my cock inside you. You get so horny when I’m around you. All you can think about is me fucking you.”

The commands started to become true. Hank could feel his mind warping to them. The longer he stared at Pete’s muscular body the more he wanted the other man’s cock inside him. He could feel his hands starting to please himself. “What’s going…” but Hank was already on his knees with Pete’s massive cock in his face.

“Go on. All of it,” he commanded. “I know you can take it.” 

Hank opened his mouth with and felt the giant rod push inside him. He could feel it fill his mouth and then press up against the back of his throat. No longer did he have a gag reflex as it pushed even deeper inside him. Hank looked up to Pete for some kind of support but could only see the massive pectoral shelf above him.

However, one of Pete’s hands gripped the back of Hank’s head, slowly goading him into more. Hank could feel himself playing with Pete’s cock as though he was a master. And based off the deep primal grunts and groans coming from the man, he might as well have been one. He loved hearing the uncontrolled sounds coming from the other man as he tried his best not to cum. 

Then all at once he felt it. The hot fluid hit him in the back of the throat and he quickly swallowed. It didn’t seem to matter how much was shot into him, Hank greedily swallowed it. “Woah man…” Pete said as he back off. His cock softened but it was still dangling far down his legs. “That’s some pretty good shit…”

[New Book] Running Interference Book 02


Running Interference Book 02 [Link]

Synopsis: Brady is starting to get curious about what is actually on that tablet. Maybe it’s Scott’s persistence is getting to him, Teddy using it so often or jealousy that Will knows something that he doesn’t but he is wanting to look more into it.

16,000 words

Plenty of reality changes, muscle growth and sex in the seven chapters.